Our Outback Adventure took us on a 7 Day ‘Shoot’ from Perth to Exmouth.

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Melbourne based Presenter Aaron McCarthy and I where very well hosted by two experienced tour guides Bob and Steve, along with a great group of ‘adventurers’. If not working I would generally not have considered undertaking this kind of tour and not a tour like this in Australia. But the experience was a real eye opener to both Aaron and I who hadn’t previously known of the diverse beauty that Outback Australia had to offer. The trip was not easy and we faced many challenges a long the way from nearly being eaten by crocodiles, bushfires blocking our way home to QANTAS. But still the shoot went well so keep checking the site and watching this space for us to upload some of the clips of the trip.

Aaron and Ted tired and Outback

Outback at a petrol station near Carnarvon