I’ve arrived in Perth with Melbourne based TV Presenter Aaron McCarthy in preperation for  the first official production under the Shoot You banner.

Aaron is a long term friend and colleage and I look forward to working with him in conjunction with Outback Adventure Tours on this exciting new project.
Our visit found us staying right in the middle of all the security preperations for CHOGM and the Queens Royal visit which is also due to be held in Perth this wee For our pre production work we are based at the Novotel Langley, which has become only accessible to guests of the hotel. All entries to the premises are subject to security checks by police who are stationed in large numbers around the perimeter of the hotel.


Police Security


All of the complex equipment we are transporting around has most likely ensured that we are now under some form of high security surveilance.

It’s amazing how many suspicious acts you innocently perform on a daily basis without initially realising.



In all cases it has not hampered our preperations or our enjoyable stay at Perth. So as the sun sets and spells out what will be our last night here, we look forward to all of the outback “shooting”  adventures that await us in the week ahead.

Perth Sunset from the Novotel

Perth Sunset from the NovotelPerth Sunset from the Novotel