Video killed the radio star and everyone loved MTV for it. It was the way forward in the ‘80’s. Likewise, the Internet has killed the TV, and now online video is dominating the Internet. And there are very good reasons why online video is becoming so popular and television audiences are turning to the Internet for entertainment.

The Internet, social-networking sites and a proliferation of handheld devices mean that everyone everywhere has information at their fingertips. More than that, they have online video. YouTube serves up 100 million videos daily and accounts for 60 percent of all videos watched online, so why not place your personal/commercial video production online? It’s an advertising paradise and there is no excuse for you not to be immortalized in a video. We at Shoot You specialise in such productions, producing high-quality segments across a broad variety of interests and businesses that specifically attract and market to online video viewers.

In a recent study, YuMe studied 498 American participants between the ages of 13–54 over a six-week period to better understand the growing trends in media. Among the more interesting findings are that people enjoy watching content online because they can watch it when they want and, interestingly, that 58 percent of viewers do other things during television commercials while only 26 percent do other things during online videos/commercials. This indicates that people are more involved with their interactive digital/online platforms than with television viewing.

More than being more involved, there is a growing segment of people opting out of digital TV subscriptions altogether, instead preferring online videos and watching television through online services such as Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon-on-demand and Netflix. This change seems to be occurring in mainly younger and middle- to lower-income households. Members of these demographics are being more careful how and where they spend their money, and specifically how they spend their time. Rather than being influenced by television commercials, people search out advertising online and let it lead them to products. Generally, and perhaps counterintuitive to common perception, younger audiences more and more are turning their backs on standard television. While this segment only represents, at the moment, a minority of users, this generation is growing while growing up, and their changes in media-viewing habits will become the future of both the television and Internet industries. So the youth of today will in the future spend less time watching TV, and more time online—something that the industry understands and is racing to catch up with.

A good example of this is the growing market for Internet-capable televisions. These are being produced by most major manufacturers and are aimed at bridging the growing gap and bringing the two prominent entertainment options together in one device. Most of these come preloaded with various apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the common on-demand television stations.

Video production makes sense regardless of what business you are in or what you wish to share with or advertise to the world. Online video is exploding at the moment, and there are a number of companies catering to this demand. Our team at Shoot You Video Production in Adelaide are industry leaders in Online Video / Web Video and can give you the professional edge that you need to stand out on the Internet, which, after all, is the worldwide stage. So what’s holding you back? The Internet is your oyster!