video production adelaide

Shoot You provides quality video production in Adelaide through a variety of video products and services. We specialize in online videos. Below are some of the most popular types of videos we produce.

Online Video & Web Presenters

Add a face to your product and connect with your clients. In addition to the effective results online video delivers, you can take it a step further by using our Web Presenters. Dip into the social and interactive psyche of your audience and stimulate their interests with a real life communicator. We can help you build a relationship with your clients by adding a presenter to your product. A friendly smile, confident appeal and ability to demonstrate what services your business has to offer, a presenter can bring your web page to life. Feel free to use one of the charming and energetic presenters from Shoot You, or if you would prefer a presenter of your own choice from inside your company.

Corporate Video

Need to impress your clients? A perfectly made corporate video can be exactly what you need to sell your product or services. We work with you to identify all the details necessary for creating an exceptional and detailed product that clearly portrays the intended message to the target audience.
A picture says more than a thousand words – but a video has the ability to capture and convey stories that are just too good not to be told. Let us help you tell your story.

Testimonial Videos

The online world today is a place where reputation and the opinions of others carries a lot of weight and can strongly influence potential customers when it comes to choosing their business or next product. Written testimonials are important, but not enough on their own and having a face and spoken testimonial of someone about your business or product can mean so much more.

Real Estate Video

Need to sell your house but don’t know how to best display it? Shoot You Video Production in Adelaide knows just how to highlight the shining features of your property.
Require help to complete a production?
Do you have the perfect idea for a video but lack the equipment needed to make it? Shoot You Video Productions can provide freelance camera, audio or editing services to help you complete the production. If you have the equipment but need some help to get the creative juices flowing Shoot You will also be happy to lend you a hand.