Kingdom Assignment Sudan and Shoot You Video Productions are working together to improve the standard of living in Southern Sudan. The two organizations are departing on a journey to Sudan in March to provide some hands on assistance. On their way, the group, which consists of nine members, has decided to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro.

As you probably already knew, people have died climbing this mountain, meaning it should never be taken lightly. Shoot You Production Manager Ted Boul Hosn however takes everything lightly, if it means getting that perfect shot. To the relief of his friends and family Ted decided to finally start his training for this epic trek, (of course it was already less then a month before he took on Mount Kilimanjaro). Most people would see this as a risky/crazy move (myself included), but Ted looks at this as a challenge, both mentally and physically. Ted has also said that he believes it will mentally prepare him for his trip to the small town Tonj in Southern Sudan where the local community face harsher daily challenges.

On Wednesday the 8th of February 2012 Ted, Mick (a member of the KAS team) and myself departed on a small scale climb up Mount Lofty. For those of you who don’t know, the Mount Lofty Ranges are located in the east of Adelaide, South Australia. The walk up Mount Lofty is a 4km trek and can get very steep in some parts. While not even comparable to Kilimanjaro in any way, it’s still a starting point on the way to having the fitness level needed. The trek was used as a great chance for the KAS team and the Shoot You team to get to know each other before their trip in March. You would all be pleased to hear that we made it to the top and back in a more then respectable time and without any injuries, on what will become the first of many trips up Mount Lofty this February. Let the training begin!

Will Ted make it to the top? What beautiful shots will Ted bring back with him? You will have to keep watching this space to find out.